Preparing Your Air Conditioning For Next Season's Usage

If you are getting ready to pack up your air conditioning system in exchange for heat during cooler temperatures, you will want to do a few maintenance steps to ensure it is in good working order for the following warm season. This will save you time in doing maintenance when air conditioning is needed right away, and it also ensures it is packed away clean so it does not have caked on grime within its components during storage. Here are some steps to follow when preparing your air conditioning system to be put away for the winter.

Shut Off The Power

There should be a power box near your condensing unit to switch off your air conditioner. Flip the switch to the off position or take out the fuses inside the box and bring them into your home to put into a safe location until springtime. You will then need to turn off power to your furnace so the evaporator does not turn on while you are doing your maintenance. Many furnaces have a power switch on a red or black switch plate near the unit. If you cannot locate the proper switches, turn the condenser and evaporator off at your main circuit control panel. Wait a few minutes to continue with your maintenance so any electrical charge has time to dissipate. 

Clean Out The Condenser

Once power is off, remove the condenser's cover using a screwdriver. You will be able to see the condenser coils and the fan when you peer inside. Use a shop vacuum with a brush tool to remove any dirt from within the condenser coils, making sure to move it gently along the fins inside so they do not bend in the process. Move the fan with your hand so you get any embedded dirt out from between the blades and the motor. Wipe down each blade using a mild detergent and allow to dry thoroughly before replacing the cover. Use a heavy-duty condenser cover to protect the unit from inclement weather and to keep debris from collecting inside when the air conditioning is not in use.

Tend To The Evaporator

The evaporator coils can also be vacuumed if they are exposed. Many evaporators have covers, making it necessary to call in a repair service for maintenance every year or two so the coils can be cleaned out properly. Remove the drip pan from beneath the evaporator and dump the water down your sink. Clean it out well using a mold and mildew cleaner before replacing it. Remove the plastic tubing that connects the evaporator to the water pump. This fills up with grime from water passing through it, so it is important to clean it thoroughly before storing so it does not become encrusted with algae. Fill a sink with water and a mild detergent. Soak the tubing for several minutes and rinse well. Allow to dry and replace.

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