A Few Tips For Saving Money On Your Heating Oil Delivery This Winter

Even if you have added insulation, had your boiler serviced, and set your thermostat to a lower temperature, the cost of heating oil delivery can be brutal in the colder areas of the country. If you are looking for more ways to save money on keeping your house warm this winter, here are a few tips that will not require any work on your part other than making a few phone calls to different heating oil delivery companies.

Contract Price

Do not be fooled into thinking you should buy your oil as it is needed, calling around for the company that has the lowest rates that day. Most companies offer a discount to people who sign contracts with them for the entire season. When setting up the contract, you can ask to have a guaranteed price for the whole year. You may have to settle on an amount just slightly higher than the going price that day, but if you do a bit of homework and know that it is only going to go up, you will save quite a bit in the long run. You can also ask for price cap for the season. If the price of oil goes up, you will never have to pay more than the cap listed in the contract, but if the price goes down, you can take advantage of it.

Buy Ahead

If you have not made any changes to your heating system or insulation, you can use last year's figures to determine how much oil you will need for the season. When the price is low, usually in the summer, pay for the oil you will need for the coming winter. If you are plagued with high cooling costs in the summer, put aside money in the spring and fall when you do not need heating or cooling to stay comfortable and buy the year's supply then. Even though you won't get the low summer rate, you should be able to negotiate a lower price when buying it all at once.

Heating oil delivery companies are competitive. They do not want to lose business because they have higher prices than their competitors do. Don't wait until the tank is empty to order a delivery, or you will end up paying an emergency delivery fee. Contact the company and find out what discounts they generally offer regular customers. Sometimes, the discount is available but not mentioned unless a customer asks for it. Don't be afraid to bring up a lower price you saw advertised, but be ready to give them something in return for it such as a service contract. The important thing is you get to save money while keeping your family warm.