3 Things Your HVAC Repair Person Will Do During Your Annual Furnace Maintenance

It's easy to fall into the mistaken belief that your home's furnace doesn't need much where maintenance is concerned. Unfortunately, this erroneous idea often leads to unexpected breakdowns and exorbitant repair costs. If you would like to learn more about why hiring a heating service technician to help maintain your system should be high on your annual to-do list, read on. This article will teach you about three important things they can do for your furnace.

Clean out your combustion chamber.

The combustion chamber is the place inside of your furnace where air and fuel mix together and are ignited, thus generating heat. Of course, heat isn't the only thing being generated inside of a combustion chamber. There are also by-products such as soot, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and more.

Over time, these substances tend to build up on the walls of the combustion chamber. Should that layer of grime become severe enough, it may even cause the chamber walls to begin corroding. To prevent this from happening, an HVAC service person will use a wire brush to scrape build up off of the walls, then vacuum up the loose material, and perform a visual inspection to ensure that there is no corrosion present.

Check the flue pipe for cracks or holes.

Of all the combustion by-products generated by a furnace, the one that presents the greatest threat of danger to you and your family is carbon monoxide gas. Fortunately, all furnaces contain a so-called flue--a special pipe whose job is to transmit carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases outside, where they can safely disperse in the air.

Unfortunately, cracks, holes, split seams in your flue can easily allow carbon monoxide to escape into your home, where it can soon build up to dangerous levels. An HVAC repair person will perform a detailed visual inspection of your flue pipe to ensure that there are no such breaches. Any small holes will be patched up using foil tape.

Change the oil filter.

Many people have furnaces that utilize oil as their fuel source. Such oil burning furnaces contain special filters whose purpose is to keep impurities from making their way into the nozzle, and thus clogging up the system. But unless the oil filter is changed on a regular basis, over time it can have the same effect, becoming so choked up with gunk and grime that oil cannot migrate through to the combustion chamber. Your HVAC repair person will ensure that your furnace contains a fresh oil filter.