How To Clean The Fan In Your Condenser Unit

The air conditioning unit in a central air system has many vulnerabilities. Of course, many components in a central air system need to be serviced by HVAC professionals. There are certain elements that you can service on you own. The condenser fan is perhaps the best thing to fix on your own. This article explains how to clean your condenser fan.

Accessing the Fan

The condenser fan is inside the main condenser unit. This is the large unit located on the outside of your home. Many people mistakenly call the condenser "the air conditioner." In fact, it is only one part of a central AC system. The fan is inside the main compartment of the unit. You can access the fan by simply removing the bird guard. Most guards are thin metal cages that can be removed by taking out a few screws. You might need a cordless impact driver to remove these screws. Once they are removed, you can lift the cage right off. Before you do this, double check to make sure the power to your unit is shut off. To be extra safe, turn off the thermostat and cut the power at the breaker switch.

Cleaning the Fan

Once it is safe to work on your unit, you will need a hose vacuum. You might want a hose extension so you can reach all the way to the bottom of the unit. You might also need a work light so you can actually see past the fan blades. You want to suck all the leaves and dirt off the bottom of the compartment. There should also be an input vent at the bottom of the compartment. This is particularly vulnerable to getting clogged by leaves. Usually, the vacuum will suck any leaves right out of this junction. If not, you might need to free them up by hand.

Cleaning out the compartment, not only helps with the fan operation, it is also important because any dirt and leaves can get blown into the main hose system of your central air system. Then, it can clog your furnace motor or filter, block your vents and get caught within the air registers. Basically, if the condenser unit is dirty, there's a good chance that the rest of your system will also be dirty.

It is also worth cleaning your actual fan blades while you have the condenser opened up. You can wipe them down with a wet rag or polish them with a metal conditioner. This should help prevent rusting in the future. For additional help with any of your AC or heating repair needs, contact a local HVAC contractor.