The 5 Primary Types of Air-Conditioning Filters

Your air-conditioning filter helps keep dirt, debris, and allergens out of your home. To keep the air in your home, you should change your air-conditioning filter out on a regular basis. Here are the five primary types of air-conditioning filters that you can purchase for your home.

#1: Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are designed to remove unpleasant odors from the air before the air is sent through your home. A carbon filter is a specialized type of filter that is generally used in businesses where odors may be a problem. They are sometimes used in homes where odor is an issue as well but generally are used more in business and industrial settings.

This type of filter can be cleaned and reused a few times before it has to be replaced.

#2: Fiberglass Disposable Filters

Fiberglass filters are not designed to be cleaned; they are designed to be thrown away once they have become dirty. Fiberglass filters are covered with an adhesive coating that is used to grab onto and trap small debris particles. If you try to clean a fiberglass filter, the filter will break down and any adhesive coating on the filter will be removed.

#3: Pleated Fiberglass Disposable Filters

Pleated fiberglass filters are very similar to ordinary fiberglass filters. Where they differ is that they tend to be designed for large air conditioners and tend not to be sold in smaller sizes. These filters also tend to be created with a tighter weave than regular fiberglass filters.

Due to the coating on these filters, they are also not designed to be washed and instead are designed to be thrown away once the filter is clogged.

#4: Electrostatic Filters

Finally, there are electrostatic filters. These filters use a static charge to keep the air around them moving and to attract dirt to the filter. The charge they emit helps dirt cling to them. These type of filters can be cleaned by using a leaf blower or hair dryer and can be cleaned off a couple of times.

#5: HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are designed to catch extremely small particles. These type of filters are great to use in your home if anyone in your home has allergens. They are designed to catch particles that other filters may not get, such as small grains of pollen.

HEPA filters generally need to be thrown away once they have reached the end of their life span. HEPA filters can be used in both small and large air conditioners. Talk to a company such as Thermotech Inc for more information.