3 Mistakes To Avoid When Heating Your Home

As the weather gets colder outside you might be wondering what you can do to keep your house at a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank or creating problems. In attempts to save money, many homeowners make mistakes that actually end up costing them more money. Here are some things that you should avoid doing to save on your energy bill.

1. Changing The Thermostat Too Often

Many people think that they are saving a good deal of energy if they turn their thermostat off when they go out of town or over the weekend when they are gone for a couple hours. The problem is that it will save a bit on energy while you are actually gone, but then when you get home and the house is 15 degrees cooler than what it should be you have to crank up the furnace to get it to where the house is bearable. Pushing that much air into the house and trying to reheat a house takes a ton of gas, which means that you will probably break even or use more gas if you have only been gone a short time. Instead, it is best to get the house to a comfortable temperature and you can let it vary a couple degrees in the night or when you are gone for a day. A couple degrees difference will help to conserve energy.

2. Not Changing Your Air Filter

Air filters cost money, so you may think that it is best to get as much use out of your air filter as possible. For this reason, you may avoid changing out the filter to save a couple bucks, but in reality you are actually spending more in your energy bill. The air filter helps the system to work properly. It protects it from overworking and can keep the air quality good. If your air filter is too dirty, you could be overpaying on your utility bill all because you don't want to pick up a couple filters at the home improvement store.

3. Failing to Do Regular Maintenance

Naturally, it will cost you money to have people come into your house and do maintenance on your appliances. It may seem easier to forgo these visits to save money, but prevention is cheaper than damage control. You can avoid hundreds of dollars in expensive repairs by just having the maintenance man come in annually.

By avoiding these things you can protect your HVAC system and save money.