Signs Your Air Conditioner Is in Need of Repairs

Your home's central air-conditioning system maintains the comfort levels within your home during the summer months. However, like with all home appliances, age and wear can cause the system to begin to break down and function improperly. Understanding the signs that can point to a malfunctioning air conditioner can help you contact a professional such as CNR Air Conditioning Inc to have the system repaired before it becomes a serious problem.

Warm Air

Perhaps the most obvious problem associated with a malfunctioning air conditioner is that the air is warm, or at the very least not as cool as it used to be. This can occur for a number of reasons, such as a refrigerant leak or damage to one of the components of the system, and should be addressed by a professional immediately.

Bad Ventilation

If you notice that there isn't a great deal of air flowing through your air vents, your air-conditioning system could be suffering from a number of problems. Most of the time, the issue can be resolved by simply having your ducts cleaned to remove dust and other debris that may be trapped in there. In addition, cleaning out or replacing your air filter can alleviate this problem. However, sometimes poor air flow can be because of a more serious issue, such as a broken fan, which is more expensive and complicated to fix.


If you notice that water is pooling or leaking around your air-conditioning unit, there may be a problem with the drainage hose. While this problem may not seem that serious at first, improper drainage can cause mold and mildew to grow around your air conditioner. This is a serious health concern. Further, condensation can find its way into the interior of your air conditioner, where it can cause a great deal of damage to the more fragile components. In a similar vein, if you notice strange smells coming out of your air vents, you likely have a condensation problem that has led to mold growing in your air ducts.

Odd Sounds

If your air conditioner makes loud clanging, banging, or otherwise irregular sounds when it turns on or periodically during operation, there may be something damaged within your air-conditioner unit. The severity of this issue largely depends on which component is damaged, but if you hear strange sounds, you shouldn't hesitate to contact a HVAC professional, as damaged components can eventually lead to complete system failure if left alone for a significant period of time.