Getting Ready To Shut Down Your Furnace? Do These 3 Things

When the cold weather of winter starts to go away, it is a common mistake to simply stop using your furnace until you're ready for air conditioning. However, it is important that you do not overlook some simple aspects of shutting down a furnace at the beginning of the spring season.

Replace the Air Filter and Clean the Air Handler

It is a good idea to replace the air filter when you are in between seasons. Not only is it a good time to do it that is easy to remember, but the air handler will be ready to go when you turn on the air conditioning.

If you are not sure what air filter you need, remove it from the furnace and take it with you to a local home improvement store. You can match up the old filter with a new one to ensure that it is a perfect fit.

With the filter removed, now is the time to clean the air handler. Use a vacuum to remove dust that has collected inside the unit over the past few months. Place the new filter back in, close the access panel door, and you're done.

Check Fuel Levels

If you own a furnace that uses oil as an energy source, you will need to check the fuel levels inside the tank. While you may think that it is no big deal to leave very little oil in the unit when it is not being used, this can actually harm the furnace.

The concern is that debris in the oil will settle along the bottom of the tank in the very little oil that is left. When you add more oil later, that debris gets mixed up with the new oil as it is being added to the tank. The debris will then find its way into the furnace fuel lines, which can cause the unit to break down prematurely.

Filling the oil tank in the early spring will help the debris settle to the bottom before you kick on your furnace next winter.

Have the Furnace Serviced

The end of the winter is also a good time to have the furnace inspected for potential problems. Contact a local HVAC company that will perform maintenance, such as inspecting the pilot light, heating element, and fuel lines. They'll apply lubrication to moving parts, replace parts that are worn out, and ensure that the unit is ready to go next winter.

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