Four Home Cooling Tips

Keeping the house cool is any homeowner's top priority during summer. Efficient home cooling can be the difference between a comfortable few months or a miserable few months. Fortunately, pleasant temperatures are within your reach. Here are four home cooling tips that can help you reduce the heat in your home:

1. Run your ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are relatively low tech, but they provide a lot of cooling power. A ceiling fan circulates air throughout the room, getting rid of the stagnant, stuffy feeling of air that has been still for too long. Ceiling fans are inexpensive to run, so you can keep them on without guilt whenever you're home. They work excellently in conjunction with air conditioning units as well.

2. Install window films.

Window films are transparent sheets of vinyl that stick to the inside of your window. They're often coated with a UV-repelling layer, and they can keep you and your whole family safe from ultraviolet rays. They can also reduce the ambient temperature in your home. Window films are inexpensive and easy to install on your own. You can apply them to all the windows in your house in a single afternoon.

3. Invest in air conditioning. 

An air conditioning unit will allow you to keep your house at the perfect temperature at all times. Central air gives you the most control. You'll be able to set the thermostat to cool down your whole house. If you already have heat in your home, an air conditioning expert can use the same air ducts for a central air system. Call your local air conditioning service for a price estimate. They can send an expert to your house to determine the scope of the project.

4. Keep your blinds or curtains drawn.

Air conditioning allows you to keep your house cool while leaving your windows shut. Take advantage of this by closing your curtains or blinds. This will keep more of the heat outside. While your air conditioner is powerful enough to compensate for heat leaking in from outside, you'll save money if you take advantage of light-blocking curtains. Heavy curtains made from thick materials work the best. Choose light colors instead of dark ones, since these are better at reflecting sunlight.

These tips will help anyone make their home more pleasant. Cool your house down to prevent heat stroke and excess sweating. Your whole family will be glad you did.