Why Is The Furnace Cycling So Often? What You Need To Know

When your furnace is working, it should only cycle every so often. The furnace will keep the temperature steady based on your thermostat setting. If you notice the furnace cycling frequently and you have not changed the thermostat, you may have a problem and possibly need a repair. Frequent cycling is not good for the furnace and can cause higher heating expenses. The following are some possible reasons why your furnace is cycling too often:

The Air Filter Is Dirty

When an air filter is dirty and covered in dust, it can clog and prevent the air from flowing through the heating components. Over time, the dust buildup will get hot and cause the furnace to turn off more often than it should. Cleaning the air filter is quick and easy. Some systems use disposable air filters, so you can simply change it out in a matter of minutes.

Your Thermostat Is Not Working

Your frequent furnace cycling can also be attributed to a faulty thermostat. The battery could be dead, or you could have a wiring or circuitry issue. You will need to have these issues looked at by an HVAC contractor.

The thermostat can cycle frequently if it is placed in a cold area of your house. A thermostat will only react to the heat immediately around it. If your thermostat is in a dark, drafty room that does not get any sun, it is possible that it will continue to cycle to warm the immediate area. Your HVAC contractor can place your thermostat in a more ideal location to see if that fixes your cycling problem.

Your Furnace Is Too Large

Your furnace may actually be too big for the square footage of your home. If this is the issue, you will need an entire furnace replacement. Your HVAC contractor will replace the furnace with one that is more suitable for your home. An HVAC contractor will measure your home and evaluate the size of furnace that will best work for you.

The problem with a larger furnace in a smaller house is that the home will get hot fast, then quickly fall in temperature as soon as the heat is off. The house cannot maintain the desired temperature and the furnace will continue to cycle.

If you believe your furnace is cycling more than it should, you need to call your furnace repair contractor right away to determine the problem and have any repairs made as soon as possible.