3 Temporary Fixes While Waiting For Your Heating Repair Professional

Does your home seem to be getting colder and colder as winter continues? Do you feel like it doesn't matter what temperature your thermostat is set to because it always feels the same inside? You may even be thinking that it's time to replace your boiler/heater/furnace, but this isn't necessarily the case. While you will eventually have to replace your heating system one of these days, you may still be able to repair it and have it working well once again. To that end, it's important to call in a professional as soon as possible to check the system out. While you're waiting for your appointment, here are some things that you can try to see if they at least temporarily alleviate the situation:

1. Change filter(s): Sometimes, the perceived need for a heating repair is actually caused by a clogged filter. The heating system kicks on but is unable to draw air through the filter, causing the system to overheat and to turn off. Even if changing the filter does fix the problem, it's still a good idea to have a professional inspect the system to be sure that no permanent damage was caused by the filter needing to be replaced.

2. Change batteries: Whether you have a wireless thermostat or you have one that is wired into the system, it's possible that low batteries could be causing the need for a heating repair. If the batteries aren't changed when they are low, the lack of power can result in the thermostat being unable to contact the heating system to let it know it needs to turn on. The display on the thermostat may still function, but it might not be able to "talk to" whichever part needs to be contacted to turn on the furnace. When dealing with a wireless thermostat, it's also possible that there is electronic or mechanical interference inside of your home that may require professional assistance to fully troubleshoot.

3. Turn off the power: With more and more household items becoming computerized, it's becoming all too easy for things like your heater to need a full shutdown and reboot cycle. It might sound silly that turning a system off and then on again can be a valid heating repair tactic, but this can be just as necessary for your furnace as it might be for your phone or your laptop computer. A qualified professional will still be needed to diagnose why this was even needed in the first place, as it could indicate something like a damaged sensor somewhere.