Building A Tiny Home? Consider This For Your Heating And Cooling Solutions

Tiny homes have been all the rage over the last few years. Many homeowners are downsizing to a tiny home as a way of living more affordably and reducing their carbon footprint. Tiny home living introduces people to comfortable and even upscale living, but without all the unnecessary items that people often accumulate over the years. If you are planning to build a tiny home, you will need heating and cooling solutions, which a mini-split can provide.

Four Home Cooling Tips

Keeping the house cool is any homeowner's top priority during summer. Efficient home cooling can be the difference between a comfortable few months or a miserable few months. Fortunately, pleasant temperatures are within your reach. Here are four home cooling tips that can help you reduce the heat in your home: 1. Run your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are relatively low tech, but they provide a lot of cooling power. A ceiling fan circulates air throughout the room, getting rid of the stagnant, stuffy feeling of air that has been still for too long.

How To Determine Which Kind Of HVAC System To Install In Your New Home

Building a new home comes with many rights and privileges. You get to pick out every single facet of the house, and this puts a lot of power in your hands. While you're mapping out the home and deciding what flooring to put down, which windows will be most ideal, and what kind of layout will be best for your household, you also need to think about the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Signs Your Air Conditioner's Fan Motor Is Ailing

Your air conditioner has a fan that pushes the air out into your home, through the ducts. This fan is powered by a motor, and sometimes, that motor fails. In most cases, a fan motor will give you some indication that it is ailing before it quits completely and leaves you without air conditioning. Keep an eye out for these signs that your air conditioner's fan motor needs attention. Squealing and Squeaking

Dust And Your HVAC System

When outdoor temperatures start to rise, homeowners often turn their attention toward spring cleaning. A home needs a deep cleaning after the water, salt, and other debris tracked in through the fall and winter months. Dust removal can be at the heart of any spring cleaning list. Unfortunately, your HVAC system could be working against you when it comes to eliminating dust from your home. There are a few reasons why your HVAC system could be allowing dust to circulate through your living space.